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Liquor Tasting 🥃

Unlimited tasting of Czech and Slovak liquor specialties.

 Event date:
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 (the big space in the basement)
Juraj Mičko (juraj.micko@cssz.ch, +41762639679), Radim Urban (radim.urban@cssz.ch)
ESN Zurich

CSSZ invites you to a big food and liquor tasting event. Members of the association as well as non-members are equally welcome to join. We’ll be tasting a variety of Czech, Slovak and Polish liquor specialties, including:

  • Czech and Slovak liquor: Slivovice, Becherovka, TATRATEA, Fernet, Božkov, Magister, and many more
  • Czech beer on tap
  • a selection of Polish alcohol: Zoladkowa Gorzka, Zubrovka, Krupnik, Soplica, Bialy Bocian
  • a selection of wine from the Czech region of Moravia and the Slovak region of Tokaj Some snacks will be provided, too.

This event is organised in collaboration with ESN Zürich, and Polana.

Entrance fee

  • 17 CHF for ESN Card Holders if registered by 28 Aprilregister through ESN, or
  • 20 CHF for others if registered by 28 Aprilregister through ESN, or
  • 23 CHF if paid at the door by Twint or cash (no change provided).

The entry entitles you to unlimited tasting: drink as much as you want. Some snacks will be provided, too.

Due to the nature of the event, only people over 18 years of age are permitted entry, bring your ID for the inspection.

Bring liquor, get in for free (no longer available)

Update: The last drink collection took place on 23 April. Purchasing a ticket is now the only way to attend the event.

Show the info anyway

We will need a lot of help putting together the alcohol. If you bring drinks from Czechia or Slovakia, apart from being treated a big hero, you will also get in for free.

  1. Purchase traditional wine, beer or soft drinks from Czechia or Slovakia, either in stores or at the airport (for a reasonable price), and keep the receipt.

    See the following table for a list of bottles that we are missing, or contact the organisers to coordinate your purchase.

    See this page for the duty-free limits.

  2. Please submit this form with the list of bottles you are bringing (this will help with planning).

  3. Bring the bottles on one of the following days:

    • Wednesday, 17 April between 13:00 and 14:00 next to CAB 55.3 (preferred)
    • Tuesday, 23 April between 15:00 and 16:00 next to CAB 55.3 – message Juraj when you come
    • (talk to Juraj if you want to arrange a different time)

We will collect the receipt and reimburse you the full price of the alcohol by Twint.

If you are bringing at least 4 litres of alcohol, you will get in for free. Otherwise, you will get a discount of 5 CHF per delivered litre, which you can apply by purchasing the ticket when delivering the bottles.

You will be put on a guest list, so you don’t need to purchase a ticket at the door when you present a photo ID.


After the official end of the event at 10pm, we will move to a nearby bar or an open space (depending on the weather) for an afterparty.


  • Insurance and sensible behaviour are the responsibility of the participants.
  • By attending, you agree that pictures can be taken of you and used internally for CSSZ purposes (for example, on the website, Instagram, etc.)
  • We will strive to provide overly enough drinks and snacks, but ultimately, consumables are provided only until stocks last.
  • We generally do not offer refunds. If you cannot attend, try to find a replacement and let the event organizers know of the name change.
  • It’s advisable to eat dinner before attending this event.


We are still looking for a few volunteers for the following roles:

  • Door/entrance
  • Serving the tables
  • Buildup, Cleanup

If you are willing to help, email Juraj (juraj.micko@cssz.ch) stating your availability and preference.

Czech and Slovak Students in Zurich, c/o VSETH, CAB E27
Universitätstrasse 6, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland