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Hike in Stoos ⛰️

A semester trip to the beautiful Swiss mountains around Stoos.

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Aleš Kubiček (ales.kubicek@cssz.ch), Emma Hubeková (emma.hubekova@cssz.ch, +421 949 776 209)
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CSSZ invites you and your friends to join a trip to the beautiful Swiss mountains around Stoos, which is planned for Saturday, 07.10.2023.

  • There: 8:33-10:17 (Zurich HB → Stoos SZ)
  • Back: based on our actual hiking time
Planned route
  • Stoos (Stoosbahn)
  • Klingenstock
  • Huser Stock
  • (Fronalpstock)
  • Stoos (Stoosbahn)

Total distance: 12.9km
Expected duration: 5-6h
Uphill/downhill: 730m
Difficulty: Sportier - definitely have good shoes / clothes and a relatively good physique.

The cable car ascending to Stoos, known as the Stoosbahn funicular, holds the record as the steepest funicular railway in the world with a maximum gradient of 110%, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the majestic Swiss Alps and providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.

See the map of the route

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