About us

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CSSZ (Czech and Slovak Students in Zurich) is an association founded by 4 ETH students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Goals of The Association

  1. Unite the community of students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in Zurich
  2. Organise events for everyone to socialize (participation is not limited by nationality, religion or gender), present Czech and Slovak culture.
  3. Provide support to students in academic and related matters. Students can contact the association with any questions or requests for help. We are also happy to help potential students with their applications and in any other way.
  4. To introduce Swiss culture and to the Czechs and Slovaks studying in Switzerland.

The association does not pursue commercial purposes and does not seek profit. The organs work on an honorary basis. We hope you will find the association useful and fun!

Meet The Board

Radim Urban

President, Co-founding Member

Radim studies BSc Computer Science at ETH. In his free time he likes to play tennis or guitar.


Juraj Mičko

Co-founding Member

Juraj studies Computer Science MSc at ETH Zurich, after graduating from Cambridge University. He loves producing music, outdoor sports, cooking and spending meaningful time with people. Psst: he can’t wait to meet you!


Timon Fopp

UZH Representative, Infrastructure

Timon studies BSc Business Informatics at University of Zurich (UZH). He likes playing volleyball, the guitar, riding his motorcycle, travelling and especially loves meeting nice people all over the world.


Vu Nguyen

Finance, Co-founding Member

Vu studies MSc Computer Science Student at ETH. In his free time he loves to ski/hike, travel, and do BBQs, among other fun things.


Team Members

Emma Hubeková

Events Officer

Emma studies Bsc Biology at ETH. She likes reading, writing, playing tennis and many other kinds of sport.


Zdeněk Šnajdr

Member, Events

Zdeněk studies BSc Computer Science at ETH Zurich. He enjoys traveling and and likes swimming and learning new languages.


René Čáky

Member, Events Infrastructure

René studies BSc Computer Science at ETH. He is a successful powerlifter on international level. He likes travelling and exloring new cities.

Czech and Slovak Students in Zurich, c/o VSETH, CAB E27
Universitätstrasse 6, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland